Pipeline Heat Tracing

Fully designed and properly installed process heating systems for pipeline freeze protection and temperature maintenance. Heat trace can either makeup for the heat lost from the thermal insulation to maintain flow rates or elevate the temperature of the fluid for process requirements.   

Hopper Heating

To remove fly ash from your precipitators and bag filter hoppers requires a properly designed and installed heating system to ensure proper performance and premature failures. Having installed 100’s of these type applications, we have the knowledge and skill set you require to correct blockage and hopper wall corrosion issues due to moisture from condensation…

Chemical and Water Equipment

Our systems have been installed across multiple industries like power, chemical, pulp and paper, and municipality’s. From ordinary freeze protection of water to critical temperature maintenance of a chemical located in a hazardous explosive environment. We can design, provide and install a turn-key process heating system including all required power distribution, temperature controls and thermal insulation required.